Are all Facebook Page Admins Young Hipsters?

Facebook Page Admin - Stereotypes


Social Media Measurement Tools You Should Be Using

Would you think of starting a business without caring of the success or failure of it? I guess most of us will agree with the answer: definitely no! So, the same thinking would apply when we talk about the social web. As in any other strategy, any action in the social media strategy needs to be measured and monitored.

As we go through the execution of a campaign, we need to listen to our key audiences and influencers. Nowadays, what we as an organization say about our brand is as important as what the audience says it is. Monitoring and measuring will tell us if we’re communicating properly on the social web. On the other hand, if we find out the results of our evaluations turn out to be negative then we do know that it’s necessary to modify our strategy, or that we need to taylor our content in a different way, for instance. Continue reading

American Apparel poorly respond to a crisis

On July 3 the clothing manufacturer American Apparel captured a lot of attention and not particularly for the success of a campaign or action in social media but for making a disastrous mistake. American Apparel posted on its Tumblr account a picture of the space shuttle Challenger disaster, mistaking it by a picture of fireworks.

Although the real intention was to share a post related to the 4th of July celebration, they ended up posting an edited picture of the Challenger explosion with the sky changed to red and including the tags #Smoke and #Clouds. Continue reading

A Visual Aid to Better Understand Social Media Content Strategy

Found this inphographics pretty helpful to understand what the social media content strategy is and how it works.

1) Liked this one in particular because it pretty much summarises the concept and the basics of content strategy. It is important to know who we are and how are we going to express it. We need as well to know and understand our users: what do they like? or what they don’t like? what do they need? and what can we provide? I think those are key points we should consider. Continue reading

Get your business promoted with Twitter promoted tweets, accounts and trends

Over the last few years few years Twitter has become one of the most useful resources for business.

Now that this service has developed a very unique type of advertising, we need to start thinking how can we incorporate this to our marketing and communication strategies. But first of all, we need to know what it is and how it works.

Twitter offers three options to promote our contents and page. Here’s a short description of promoted tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts: Continue reading

Intro – Social Media for PR

“We believe PR should be practiced to serve the public interest, to develop mutual understanding between organizations and their publics.” – James E. Grunig

That quotation of Grunig is one of the main reasons  why this blog exists. This is an open discussion of Public Relations and how social media helps the communication strategy to be more effective, or better said how social media has become a crucial part of the communication strategy and is nowadays helping brands engage thousands, millions of publics around the world in different ways, for different purposes, within different fields. Continue reading